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Optical Components


Sumita High Definition Image Guide

Ultrafine image bundle for minimally invasive treatments.
SUMITA’s image guide gives customers a chance to produce thin endoscope with a diameter of less than 1.0 mm (0.039 inch).


KETEK Silicon Photomultiplier


VUV/UV Broadband Filters


VUV/UV Broadband Filters


Sumita IR Transmitting Glass



VUV/UV Broadband Filters


DR-Ⅳ (Diffusion Light Guide)

CLAREX DR-IV DIFFUSION LIGHT GUIDE is a diffusion light guide PMMA sheet combining light transmission with uniformly controlled diffusion.CLAREX DR-IV DIFFUSION LIGHT GUIDE is developed by our proprietary technology.

Product usage: Elevator hall lantern


DR-ⅡA (Transflector)

CLAREX DR-ⅡA (TRANSMISSIVE DIFFUSION REFLECTOR) is a transflection type reflector which combines two functions - external light reflection, and rear light diffusion.

Product usage : Back-light for wrist watch

Precision Sheet

CLAREX Precision Sheet is an Optical Grade Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet with Flat (glossy) surface.

Thick/Heavy Sheet

CLAREX THICK/HEAVY SHEET is employed in a wide range of industrial parts and medical equipments due to its high transparency, weather and chemical resistance.

DR-ⅠA (Diffusion Reflector)

CLAREX DR-I A DIFFUSION REFLECTOR greatly improves reflection and uniformly reflects external light. When? used for small displays, (e.g. watches, pagers) it efficiently guides light.

Hard Coat Sheet

CLAREX Hard Coat sheet is the Sell-Cast PMMA sheet with scratch resistant hard coat on front and/or back surface.

Super Hard Coat Sheet (RHG)

CLAREX Super Hard Coat (RHG) sheet is the Sell-Cast PMMA sheet with 9H pencil hardness on front and/or back surface.

Smoke Series

CLAREX Smoke Series is the Cell-Cast PMMA sheet for contrast enhancement of many types of displays.
There are "Gray Smoke" series and "Black Smoke" series.


Matt Sheet

CLAREX MATT SHEET is Cell-Cast Acrylic sheet with elegant matt surface provides moderate balance of glossiness.

Product usage:Partition Wall


Non-Glare Sheet

CLAREX Non-Glare Sheet diffuses surface reflection and increase the legibility of the display.

Product usage:Cluster Parts


DRⅢSX (Diffusion Filter)

CLAREX DRⅢSX DIFFUSION FILTER is a Shade Diffuser for backlight with high intensity light source. CLAREX DRⅢSX DIFFUSION FILTER shades lamp-image of high intensity light source and diffuse uniformly.


UV Transmission Filter

CLAREX UV Transmission Filter transmits ultra-violet rays at 260nm.


DRⅢCX (Diffusion Filter)

CLAREX DRⅢCX LIGHT DIFFUSION FILTER is an optical light diffusion filter combining light transmission with uniformly controlled diffusion. CLAREX DRⅢCX LIGHT DIFFUSION FILTER has a *color temperature of 6750K and it is adaptable to any backlit display.

* Illuminant : D65 standard light source


UV Cut Filter

CLAREX UV Cut Filter protects displays from ultra-violet rays. There are 4 types of UV Cut filters available depends on the absorption range.


AB (anti-bacteria) Filter

CLAREX Anti-Bacteria (AB) Filter is a hygienic window filter. An Anti-Bacteria coating on the surface prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

Product usage:Ticket Vending-Machine


NIR (Infra-red) Filter

CLAREX NIR Filter transmits infra-red rays and absorbs visible rays. There are 5 types of infra-red filters which transmit through the ranges of 670nm to 860nm.

Product usage:Laser Radar


AR (Anti-Reflection) Coat Filter

CLAREX AR Coat Filter is treated with a multi-layer AR coating which prevents light reflection. Additional coatings prevent surface scratching and smudging.

Product usage:Car navigation system (front panel)


Optical Components at 266nm


Fluoride fiber technology


Fluoride fiber is multi-composite glass optical fiber composed of several heavy metal fluorides, and many different types of fluoride fibers exist depending on the material composition. Fluoride fibers have many unique characteristics that are not enabled by silica fiber, such as a wider operating wavelength range, as well as a higher emission efficiency when doped with rare-earth elements.


Hollow Silica Waveguide With Aiming Beam

The specialty waveguide designed for medical laser applications integrates mid-infrared laser power delivery and visible aiming beam alignment.

High Speed Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder

  • Sub-millisecond speeds

  • Standard LC Drive Schemes

  • Includes heated housing

  • Precision non-mechanical retardation control


Fiber Optic Bare Fiber

SUMITA’s bare optical fiber is made of multi-component/borosilicate glass fiber drawn from our original glass materials.


Fiber Optic Bundles/ Light Guides

More than 90% of light guides are custom-made.
Fiber optic light guides are flexible bundles of optical fibers used for the controlled delivery of light.ustom fiber optic light guides are available upon request.


Transmission/Linear Lights

Transmission lights are side emission type lighting components for line illumination, using a quartz rod. Ideal light for vision inspection when used with line sensors/cameras.


Multi-mode Optical Glass Fiber Light Cords/Cables

  • 3 Gbps transmission capability

  • No need to collimate light as our light cables have a large entrance area that can capture incident light

  • Its multi-fiber structure enables transmit light even when some fibers in cables are broken

  • Superior in handling flexibility and ease within a narrow space as each multi-mode fiber diameter of 30 μm is bundled

  • As our light cables are made of glass, they perform reliably in extreme temperatures


Low-loss Multicomponent/ Borosilicate Glass Optical Fibers SON-60N

A multi-component/ borosilicate glass fiber which has larger core size ratio, achieving a low transmission loss. Ideal for light guides for long distance, as well as telecommunication for short distance and in-vehicle.​


Leached Image Bundles/Guides

Leached image guides consisting of flexible and coherent fiber optic bundles are used for transmitting optical images from one end to the other, which are suitable for endoscopes in narrow and elongated spaces.


Light Rod Conduits/ Fiber Rods

Rigid fiber rods with excellent light transmission. Our tapered conduit type fiber rod distributes light at a wide angle.


Fluoride Fibers for Visible Fiber Lasers

Sumita's rare-earth doped fluoride glass fiber excited by blue LD emits multiple colors of fluorescence. This fiber is capable of performing laser oscillation by using optical cavity (resonator).


Ultra-Compact Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)

The ultra-compact low-cost EDFA is a small form factor module with a cooler-less pump laser that offers economical amplification for a wide range of applications. It is designed to amplify from one to eight channels with 100 GHz or 50 GHz ITU-T grid in the C-band. 

A standard 6-pin electrical connector (MOLEX 87089-0616) allows for easy electrical connectivity. The ultra-compact EDFA is Telcordia compliant.


Variable Gain Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)

In December, 2009, Lightwaves2020 released one compact variable gain EDFA module with low noise figure. With Lightwaves2020’s proprietary Liquid-crystal Variable Optical Attenuator and Thin-film based Gain
Flattening Filter, the variable gain ranges from 15dB to 25dB within wide input power range.


Compact EDFA Booster Full Function

The compact low-cost EDFA is a small form factor module with a cooler-less pump laser that offers economical amplification for a wide range of applications. It is designed to amplify from one to eight channels with 100 GHz or 50 GHz ITU-T grid in the C-band. This module is ideal for today’s highly dynamic networks and cost sensitive market.


Angular Tunable Filter

Thin-film based tunable filter is an ideal candidate for telecom application,especially for DWDM system, on account of its low insertion loss, flat-top transmission spectrum, and excellent thermal stability. 


Linear Variable Filter

The Thin-film based tunable filter is an ideal candidate for telecom application, especially for DWDM system, on account of its low insertion loss, flat-top transmission spectrum, and excellent thermal stability.


Turnable Optical Filter (TOTF)

The Lightwaves2020 wideband tunable optical filter module is a new released manually tunable optical filter, in which the tuning is achieved by rotating the TFF filter. A wide variety of wavelength tuning range and profile is available from selecting the thin film based filter.