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Optical Components


Sumita High Definition Image Guide

Ultrafine image bundle for minimally invasive treatments.
SUMITA’s image guide gives customers a chance to produce thin endoscope with a diameter of less than 1.0 mm (0.039 inch).


KETEK Silicon Photomultiplier


VUV/UV Broadband Filters


VUV/UV Broadband Filters


Sumita IR Transmitting Glass



VUV/UV Broadband Filters


DR-Ⅳ (Diffusion Light Guide)

CLAREX DR-IV DIFFUSION LIGHT GUIDE is a diffusion light guide PMMA sheet combining light transmission with uniformly controlled diffusion.CLAREX DR-IV DIFFUSION LIGHT GUIDE is developed by our proprietary technology.

Product usage: Elevator hall lantern


DR-ⅡA (Transflector)

CLAREX DR-ⅡA (TRANSMISSIVE DIFFUSION REFLECTOR) is a transflection type reflector which combines two functions - external light reflection, and rear light diffusion.

Product usage : Back-light for wrist watch

Precision Sheet

CLAREX Precision Sheet is an Optical Grade Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet with Flat (glossy) surface.

Thick/Heavy Sheet

CLAREX THICK/HEAVY SHEET is employed in a wide range of industrial parts and medical equipments due to its high transparency, weather and chemical resistance.

DR-ⅠA (Diffusion Reflector)

CLAREX DR-I A DIFFUSION REFLECTOR greatly improves reflection and uniformly reflects external light. When? used for small displays, (e.g. watches, pagers) it efficiently guides light.

Hard Coat Sheet

CLAREX Hard Coat sheet is the Sell-Cast PMMA sheet with scratch resistant hard coat on front and/or back surface.

Super Hard Coat Sheet (RHG)

CLAREX Super Hard Coat (RHG) sheet is the Sell-Cast PMMA sheet with 9H pencil hardness on front and/or back surface.

Smoke Series

CLAREX Smoke Series is the Cell-Cast PMMA sheet for contrast enhancement of many types of displays.
There are "Gray Smoke" series and "Black Smoke" series.