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In December, 2009, Lightwaves2020 released one compact variable gain EDFA module with low noise figure. With Lightwaves2020’s proprietary Liquid-crystal Variable Optical Attenuator and Thin-film based Gain
Flattening Filter, the variable gain ranges from 15dB to 25dB within wide input power range. This makes the module suitable for pre-amplifier, inline, and booster applications. Our products achieve gain deviation < ±2dB & noise figure < 7dB over all operating conditions. 

This compact full-function EDFA module covers all automatic control modes for constant gain, power, and current. Monitoring of input, output, and reflected signal levels as well as temperature and signal levels alarms are provided. We also provide custom made products.


  • Wide gain setting range

  • Compact package size

  • Low noise figure

  • Firmware field upgradable

  • Multiple control modes (AGC, APC, and ACC)

  • Digital interface with RS-232


  • Single-channel or DWDM system application

  • Metro, regional, and long-haul WDM network

  • Signal loss compensation

  • Optical cross-connect

  • Switch matrix

  • Optical add/drop module

  • Digital CATV

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