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Lightwaves2020's polarization controller is based on liquid crystal technology. It consists of three or four liquid crystal retarders with their fast optical axes oriented at 0° or 45°, which have the same functionality as variable waveplates. Theoretically, only three liquid crystals retarders are needed to transform an arbitrary input state of polarization into any desired output polarization state. The fourth one is added for fast searching, if necessary. The control over the state of polarization is achieved by individually changing the voltages applied to each retarder, which controls the retardations.

Sealed in a mini 10-pin DIN package with dimensions of 13.8 x 7.5 x 8.0mm, Lightwaves2020's polarization controller provides an easy-mounting solution for many applications. In addition, the device and the thermal sensor can be integrated in the same package for close-loop control, which stabilizes the thermal performance. The PC is Telcordia compliant.


  • No-moving parts

  • Wide operating wavelength range

  • High extinction ratio

  • Low insertion loss

  • Low PDL

  • Low PMD

  • Low power consumption


  • DWDM mux/demux

  • Multi-channel OADM

  • Protection switch
    PMD compensators

  • Polarization generators

  • Polarization multiplexers

  • Polarization scramblers

  • Polarization instrumentation

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