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The Lightwaves2020’s high-speed polarization controller (PC) is based on novel optical material offering fast response in ms, in contrast with conventional polarization controllers with speed in ms. The dramatic increase in response speed enables the new polarization controller suitable for demanding 40Gbs PMDC application as well as polarization Mux / DeMux. In addition, the new high-speed polarization controller is ideal for fiber sensing in optical security, spectroscopy and polarization
dependent imaging in biomedical applications. 
An optional driver-PCB, on which the polarization controller is mounted, is provided. The device is driven by 0-5 VDC voltage to produce 0 - p phase retardation ofpolarization state.
The high-speed polarization controller (PC) has options of three or four cell design. The fourth cell is added for faster searching and controlling.


  • High speed (ms) 

  •  Broadband wavelength ranges 

  •  No moving parts 

  •  Low insertion loss 

  •  Low PDL over operating wavelength range 

  •  Solid state technology


  • PMD compensation 

  •  Polarization generator 

  •  Polarization scrambler 

  •  Polarization Mux / DeMux 

  •  Polarization instrumentation 

  •  Fiber sensing 

  •  Polarization dependent imaging 

  •  Polarization coded optical security

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