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The Thin-film based tunable filter is an ideal candidate for telecom application, especially for DWDM system, on account of its low insertion loss, flat-top transmission spectrum, and excellent thermal stability. With new masks and the optical monitor system to control the coating uniformity during the whole process, Lightwaves2020 successfully makes high-quality step motor controlled 50GHz Linear Variable Filters (LVF) with high yield.

Excellent thin-film filter quality aside, LVF also has uniform tuning spectrum over the operation wavelength range and small package size. The vibration-free package and electronics control circuit is also provided. The wavelength setting repeatability is < ±50pm. Undoubtedly, Lightwaves2020’s thin-film based tunable filter family is best solution for DWDM system application.


  • Up to 40nm wavelength tuning range


  • Low & uniform insertion loss

  • Low PDL

  • High adjacent channel rejection

  • Tuning with stepper motor


  • Optical testing

  • Dynamic channel selection in
    DWDM network

  • Optical performance monitoring

  • Noise suppression

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