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Lightwaves2020's liquid crystal based variable optical attenuator array (AVOA) is a voltage-controlled module designed specifically for power management in optical networks. Each device in the module has a dynamic range of up to 40dB attenuation and operats in the C-band, L-band or C+L band.

Eight VOAs packaged in small footprint make it ideal for integration onto circuit boards and for saving space. The module is driven by a 0-5V DC voltage using a easy-to-plug 12 pin electric interface connector.

As with all Lightwaves2020's products, the VOA conforms to Telcordia requirements.


  • Small footprint

  • Built-in driver

  • Continuous tunning without moving parts

  • Resistant to mechanical vibration

  • Wide operating wavelength range

  • Low PDL, WDL

  • Slow tunning slope without backlash and historic

  • Low cost


  • Channel balancing in DWDM systems (pre-emphasis)

  • Power equalization in optical add/drop modules and optical cross-connects

  • Gain-tilt and power adjustment in EDFAs

  • Receiver protection

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