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Polymicro Technologies Optical Fiber Solutions

Molex’s optical fiber bundles, fused bundles and assemblies are ideal for medical, industrial, and scientific applications

Polymicro Technologies specialty optical fiber solutions offer a wide arrangement of fiber bundles, fused bundles, and assemblies made from raw materials in their vertically integrated facility for unparalleled customization to meet the user's application requirements and allow for cost savings. Fused bundling eliminates epoxy, fluorescence, and inter-fiber spaces for use in high-temperature applications requiring high-power density lamps and lasers.

Molex's core technologies include drawing and coating pure synthetic fused silica and quartz to produce optical fiber and capillary tubing. These products are produced by dialing in preforms using state of the art technology. Molex's value-added technologies include, but are not limited to assemblies, bundles, packaging, labeling, sterilization, and laser-machined custom end-face preparation to provide the customer the final product that meets their specific needs. Molex's most important core component is customer service, taking manufacturing and engineering abilities together to compile the final product that meets the needs of their customers. Typical industries served are, but not limited to, analytical, medical, aerospace, military, industrial, telecommunication, and communication.

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