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Polymicro Products and Solutions

Molex’s product portfolio includes a turnkey solution, vertically integrated from initial component design through high volume production. Molex specializes in multimode optical fibers, fused silica capillary tubing, optical bundles and capillary assemblies, and unique micro components in addition to packaging and sterilization. Polymicro Technologies optical fiber probes and silica capillary delivery solutions meet stringent invasive medical device requirements and are made with biocompatible materials certified to ISO 10993


Polymicro Optical Fibers

Custom and standard optical fiber delivers dimensional control and tight tolerances that are designed to withstand harsh-temperature, chemical and radiation environments

Broad range of fibers covering spectral and power requirements

Suitable for harsh thermal, chemical and radiation environments

Short custom draws through volume production


Fiber bundles – fused and mapped.Standard features and custom configurations provide a wide range of optical assembly design options to meet numerous scientific, industrial and medical optical requirements

Custom prototypes through volume production

Simple to complex configurations, jackets, and connectors

High-power laser terminations


Offering value-added capabilities such as cleaving, cutting, windowing, and custom assemblies and arrays with industry-leading synthetic-fused silica capillary tubing

High strength, flexible synthetic
fused silica

Exceptional dimensional control

Thermally stable and chemically resistant coatings


Capillary assemblies manufactured from simple cut pieces of standard capillary to complex, multi-capillary assemblies are ideal for scientific, industrial and medical applications

Custom prototypes through volume production

Precision cleaving and laser cutting

Cleaving Stones


Silica capillary tubing, specialty optical fibers, optical fiber end-prep and capillary assemblies that are labeled, packaged and sterilized per customer requirements; compliant to ISO10993

Silica/Silica, Silica/Teflon®

-OH Core: Ultra-low, Low, High

Numerical Aperture Range: 0.11 - 0.66


Incorporate special features onto optical fiber ends and form unique geometric shapes in capillary tubing, producing input flares and capillary connectors, with advanced laser micro machining

Ferrules and precision pieces using quartz or synthetic fused silica

Laser coating removal for capillary windows or fiber ends

Angled and designed fiber end faces for high power applications

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