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Lightwaves2020 offers a full range of industry leading, low cost Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) light sources. Using proprietary EDFA technology, Lightwaves2020's compact ASE sources provide up to 10 dBm output power across the C-band. And the devices are extremely compact, making them ideal for applications that require a built-in compact broadband light source

Lightwaves2020 compact ASE light sources exhibit excellent performance, including spectral and power stability. In addition, customers can choose between a standard or flattened spectrum output to best meet their application requirements. The ASEs are normally shipped with a standard RS232 or I2C electrical interface, although customized interface designs are also available. Lightwaves2020's low-cost, compact ASE sources have passed Telcordia GR1312 tests.


  • Compact size

  • Low cost

  • High output power

  • Standard Interface (RS232 or I2C)


  • Optical component and system testing

  • Fiber sensor systems

  • Fiber gyroscope

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