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The Lightwaves2020’s high-speed Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is based on novel optical material offering fast response in µs, in contrast with conventional LC-based VOAwith speed in ms. The dramatic increase in response speed enables the new VOA suitable for demanding 40Gbs applications.
An optional driver-PCB, on which the VOA is mounted, is provided. The device is driven by 0-5 VDC voltage to produce required optical power attenuation and switching


  • High speed (µs) attenuation control

  • Broadband wavelength ranges

  • No moving parts and continuous tuning

  • Low insertion loss

  • Low PDL over operating wavelength range

  • Solid state technology


  • Channel balance in DWDM systems

  • Power equalization in optical add/drop 
    and optical cross-connects

  • Gain-tilt and power adjustment in EDFAs

  • Receiver protection

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