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The compact low-cost EDFA is a small form factor module with a cooler-less pump laser that offers economical amplification for a wide range of applications. It is designed to amplify from one to eight channels with 100 GHz or 50 GHz ITU-T grid in the C-band. This module is ideal for today’s highly dynamic networks and cost sensitive market.

A standard 6-pin electrical connector (HIROSE DF11-6DP-2DSA) allows for easy electrical connectivity. A standard RS232 or I^2C electrical interface is provided for full functional EDFA. The compact EDFA is Telcordia compliant.


  • Low cost

  • APC, ACC mode

  • Low power consumption

  • Wide operating temperature range

  • Standard communication interface (RS232, I^2C)


  • Metropolitan and access networks

  • Digital CATV

  • Amplet for long-haul network

  • Single-channel or DWDM

  • Optical cross-connects

  • Optical add/drop modules

  • Amplifier for transmitter line card

  • Power equalization and flexible

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