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The Lightwaves2020 Broadband tunable filter array is an 8-channel micromotor-driven optical tunable filter, in which the tuning is achieved by rotating a TFF filter. A wide variety of wavelength tuning ranges and profiles can be achieved by selecting the right thin film filter. There are options for the tunable filters of 100GHz or 50GHz channel spacing.
The tunable filter array is designed to have maximum tunable wavelength range, minimum insertion loss and minimum polarization dependent. It offers cost-effective and compact solutions for various applications, especially in ROADM as tunable devices.


  • 100GHz or 50GHz channel spacing

  • Flat-top filtering

  • 8 channel array

  • 40nm broadband wavelength tuning range 

  • Wavelength ranges: C-, L- or S- band

  • Continuously tunable

  • Low insertion loss 


  • Tunable add/drop module in ROADM

  • Tuning components for tunable laser and white light source

  • Optical testing

  • Sensing source

  • Channel selection in DWDM network

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