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Prism Liquid-Crystal Polarizer (PLCP) consists of two optical glass prisms and liquid-crystal layer sandviched between them. Both transmitted and reflected beams can be used. PLCP can be used in different fields of optics. PLCP is the optical analog of Glan-Thompson polarizing prism. It is featured by the high optical transmission, large clear aperture, high laser induced damage (up to 1GW/cm2). Possible application: in powerful laser systems with large beam diameter; in videoprojection devices; in optical computing; in experimental setup for light combination scattering spectra measurements; in optical astronomy, etc.


*There has been no testing for power > 150W/cm2
**Damage threshold of PLCP is the damage of liquid crystal. The destruction of PLCPs is the destruction of liquid crystal. The laser test of liquid crystal gives the 4-6 GW/сm2 destruction threshold. PLCPs with size А > 40mm, also other configurations and other specifications, particularly with full angle field of 20° and more are available on special request.

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