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 Tricolor Ultrafast Multi-Chan 


Optical head of TOPOL-1050-Dmo


Diode Pumped Crystal Laser


Ultrafast Pulse Picking Systems


Ultrafast pulse picking systems are tailored for operation with femtosecond lasers. Our pulse picking systems can be synchronized with lasers generating pulse train with max 100 MHz repetition rate, for single pulse picking task. When the system is synchronized with the laser operation then pulse picker can select single pulses (or work at programmable burst modes) at up to 2 MHz rate.

Digital synchronization and delay pulse generator pMaster 4.0H synchronizes pulse picker with laser operation and triggers it to launch λ/4 or λ/2 operation of Pockels cell. Laser pulses with switched polarization are redirected from the train using high laser induced damage threshold thin film laser polarizers, which can also be provided by EKSMA Optics.

Laser And Fluorescent Dyes

Flat top diffuser


Direct-beam laser writing platform and proven manufacturing processes to bring flat top diffusers into high volume production. Our greyscale laser photolithography is a single-step, maskless writing process that enables the creation or mastering of refractive and diffractive optics with feature sizes down to 1 micron. With design, mastering, replication, test and measurement under one roof, advantages for customers include faster time to market and simplified supply chains. Thin film or rigid optical components can be manufactured by injection molding, roll-to-roll embossing, or sheet-by-sheet embossing, depending on thickness, substrate, temperature and volume requirements.

High Frequency Modulated Lasers


The modulation rate of DPSS laser can be up to 4MHz, and diode laser up to 150MHz. With the advantages of quick modulation rate, high extinction ratio, easy coding and convenient use, high frequency modulated lasers made by CNI Laser is mainly used in the fields such as laser text-image processing, laser lithography, laser phototypesetting, and laser digital communication. It is suitable for OEM system integration and scientific research laboratories, etc.

Direct diode based blue laser modules


HP series blue/violet modules are direct diode based blue laser modules packaged in a compact body with integrated optics and electronics.
Compared to DPSS lasers, HP series lasers offer high stability, low noise and a higher operating temperature range.
These are available at powers up to 50mW. TTL modulation and beam shaping optics can be added to all HP series lasers.

High Power 2W Red Lasers


The newly released violet 405nm 1W Ushio diode – HL40033G is now available. HL40033G ( 1000mW, 405nm)  violet diode is ideal for imaging, biomedical and industrial applications. Also available HL40071MG, a new single mode 405nm diode from Ushio with a max power of 300 mW.

Compact green laser modules


Green Laser Modules- World Star Tech has introduced first true diode based green laser modules. 
The compact green laser modules operate at wavelengths of 515 to 520 nm and are available up to  70 mW in power at the present time.
Unlike diode pumped green lasers, Green Laser Modules offer high thermal stability, low noise and high modulation capabilities.

Direct green laser diodes by Osram


World Star Tech offers its first direct green laser diodes by Osram. Direct green diode lasers represent a milestone in the development of miniature projectors for mobile devices such as smart phones and cameras. Projection units for laser shows, point lasers and line lasers will also benefit from the new direct green laser diode technology.


Ushio Opto Semiconductor (formerly Oclaro/Opnext Laser Diodes) are available from 405nm to 850nm at various power levels.

The newly released violet 405nm 1W Ushio diode – HL40033G is now available.
HL40033G ( 1000mW, 405nm) violet diode is ideal for imaging, biomedical and industrial applications. Also available HL40071MG, a new single mode 405nm diode from Ushio with a max power of 300 mW.

200mW, Single Mode Red Laser with Photo-Diode


  • Shorter wavelength: 639nm Typ. 

  • High optical output power: 200mW 

  • Built in monitor PD 

  • Operating temperature: +60°C 

  • Small package: 5.6mm 

  • Single transverse mode 

  • TE mode oscillation


1W Violet Laser Diode for Industrial Applications

High Power 405nm, 1W Violet Laser Diode for Industrial Applications. The HL40033G violet laser diode offers 1W high optical output power in a 9.0mm package with typical operating current of 900mA and operating voltage of 5.0V

Wavelength Stabilized 1064nm / 1030nm DFB Laser Diode Mini-Butterfly Module

II-VI Laser Enterprise CMDFB10xxA wavelength stabilized high power single mode laser module has been designed as a light source for pulsed narrow bandwidth fiber laser and direct frequency conversion applications.


Custom Laser Solutions and Technical Support

World Star Technologies offers a highly skilled and experienced design team that will gladly help you to customize laser products to meet your end-user application.

Our expert staff will provide technical support and problem solving in the selection of the proper diode laser solutions for your medical, vision, industrial and sensor applications.


Lasers for high volume cost sensitive applications

Red Laser Diode Modules are available from 635nm to 690nm, in various package sizes.

LQB and LR series laser modules are compact modules that provide a collimated beam. These lasers are suitable for high volume cost sensitive applications.



World Star Tech offers a complete line of infrared laser modules in the wavelength range from 705nm to 1064nm.

They are available in our standard packages with or without TEC temperature control. Modulation and pattern generating optics can be added on to all our infrared laser modules.


Fully self-contained Blue Laser Modules

World Star Tech offers blue laser modules in 405nm, 440nm, 473nm and 488nm wavelengths. Blue Laser Modules are fully self-contained with an integrated temperature controller (TEC), laser driver circuit, surface polished glass asherical lens optics, and laser diode in a compact package. All TEC lasers includes a wall mount adaptor for plug and play operation.


FemtoLux 3

Microjoule Class Industrial Grade Femtosecond Fiber Laser

FemtoLux 3 is a modern femtosecond fiber laser aimed for both R&D use and industrial
integration. Laser delivers up to 3 W of average power and up to 3 μJ femtosecond pulse energy.


ANTAUS. Yb-Doped Amplified Femtosecond Fiber Laser

The ANTAUS microjoule ultrafast fiber laser system features high pulse energy along with fast repetition rate, which is an ideal combination for subtle material processing applications, as well as for many kinds of scientific research. Unlike most of the competition, the ANTAUS features short pulse duration and near-perfect AC trace with almost no pulse pedestal. The system is an all-Yb-doped-fiber oscillator + amplifier with a free-space final pulse compressor


LED Light Source LS-L150

Highest intensity output: powerful light illumination equal to 250 W class of metal-halide light source


LED Light Source LS-L109

Light intensity: about two and a half times higher to halogen 150 W


LED Light Source LS-LH150

Light intensity: 150 W Halogen-class

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