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  • High Stability and Low Noise

  • Reverse Polarity Protected 

  • Excellent Wavelength Stability 



  • Imaging

  • Bioanalytical

  • Machine Vision


World Star Tech offers a complete line of infrared laser modules in the wavelength range from 705nm to 1064nm.

They are available in our standard packages with or without TEC temperature control. Modulation and pattern generating optics can be added on to all our infrared laser modules.

All infrared laser modules are self-contained with integrated driver circuit and optics.

Your Laser Solution Provider
World Star Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of laser modules and systems for biomedical, instrumentation and industrial applications.

An ISO 9001:2008 company, we are totally committed to leading edge technology and outstanding customer service.Apart from our extensive range of standard laser modules, we also work closely with our customers to offer innovative custom solutions to enable new applications.

Our products have been successfully used in a wide range of diversified applications from machine vision,alignment, process control to biomedical technology.World Star Tech's product line includes an extensive range of laser modules and systems with wavelengths ranging from 405 nm to 1064 nm with various power ranges.

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