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The newly released violet 405nm 1W Ushio diode – HL40033G is now available. HL40033G ( 1000mW, 405nm)  violet diode is ideal for imaging, biomedical and industrial applications. Also available HL40071MG, a new single mode 405nm diode from Ushio with a max power of 300 mW.

Ushio red laser diodes are available from 633nm to 690nm. The newly released HL63520HD achieves a pulse optical output power of 3.5W in the operating temperature range from -10°C to 45°C. It also achieves a pulse optical output power of 2.5W at an operating temperature upper limit of 55°C. Thus, it will contribute to increasing the brightness of projectors and reducing the cost of projector light sources. HL63520HD has wall plug efficiency of 43%.



• Dual emitters

• Optical output power: 2.2W (CW) ,  2.5W (Pulse)

• Shorter wavelength: 638nm Typ.

• High heat dissipation φ9mm CAN package

• Multi transverse mode

• TM mode oscillation


• Laser Projector

• Light source of optical equipments 

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