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Femtosecond Yb-doped microjoule fiber laser with a fiber amplifier stage. Combines high pulse energy with significantly high repetition rate.

  • Average power >20 W

  • Pulse energy >20 uJ

  • Ultra-short pulse duration <250 fs

  • Small footprint and 24/7 turn-key operation

  • Passive air cooling

  • Output pulse slicer option

  • Tunable pulse duration option

The ANTAUS microjoule ultrafast fiber laser system features high pulse energy along with fast repetition rate, which is an ideal combination for subtle material processing applications, as well as for many kinds of scientific research. Unlike most of the competition, the ANTAUS features short pulse duration and near-perfect AC trace with almost no pulse pedestal. The system is an all-Yb-doped-fiber oscillator + amplifier with a free-space final pulse compressor. Such design architecture ensures greater stability and true turn-key operation with no maintenance as well as the highest possible output pulse energy and spatial beam quality.

There are three basic models of the ANTAUS system:

The ANTAUS-10W-2u/5M has the smallest single pulse energy from the three, however, it features the novel dense-burst mode in which it can produce a burst of closely spaced pulses (~20 ns intrapulse distance) with total burst energy being much higher than the energy of a single pulse. This mode is beneficial for certain micromachining and surface structuring applications. The average power of the system is still on par with the other two models and offer high flexibility of application, while the output repetition rate is the highest of all three systems. The output repetition rate of the system is also user-adjustable in a certain range of frequencies.

The ANTAUS-12W-6u/2M has the optimal set of output parameters: significant output power, higher pulse energy and fast repetition rate. This is the most versatile unit.

The ANTAUS-20W-20u/1M features the highest output power and pulse energy of all the three units and is suitable for the most power-demanding and energy-eating solutions.

The repetition rate of any model may be modulated from single-shot via an optional output AO pulse slicer.

The laser is already being used by our customers as an OEM laser source in ophthalmology (in LASIK-type eyesight correction apparatus), as well as for THz studies, surface modification, two-photon polymerization techniques and many more. The system does not require any water-cooling and features convective cooling of the power supply unit which facilitates integration in any other equipment.

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