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Lightwaves2020's polarimeter is a small form factor device that outputs four photocurrents that can be used to calculate both the state of polarization (SOP) and the degree of polarization (DOP). Covering the operating wavelength range from 1525 to 1570nm, the polarimeter offers excellent optical performance, including low dark current, low insertion loss, low wavelength dependence, and wide dynamic optical power range. This device is ideal for integration into polarization measuring and stabilizing modules.

Lightwaves2020's polarimeter is designed for the use in polarization division multiplexing, polarization measurement, PMD compensation, and fiber sensing systems. RoHS


  • Compact size

  • No moving parts

  • Fast response

  • Low excess loss

  • Easy mounting onto PCB board


  • SOP and DOP measurement and monitoring

  • Polarization tracking and stabilization

  • Polarization division multiplexing

  • PMD compensation

  • Fiber sensing

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