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4K resolution IR Corrected Vari Focal Lens for 1"


Vari-Focal Lens for HD


Mega Pixel for Day/Night

Suitable for large format and
designed for 3 mega pixel

  • Large aperture, F No. 1.4 at tele end

  • Compatible with 1/1.8″ and 2/3″ camera

  • Design for 3 mega pixel

  • Also suitable for industrial applications

  • Suitable for 3.45µm/pixel, global shutter

  • Design for IR Corrected, no focus shift with NIR lighting

  • Compatible with 1 inch, high sensitivity camera

  • Variable focal length from 16 mm to 50 mm, and F No is maintained

  • Manual, P Iris and DC Auto Iris is available

Mega pixel performance form visible to
NIR without focus shift

  • 10x vari focal lens, f9mm – 90mm

  • Design for Day & Night, no focus shift with 950nm of NIR lighting

  • Mega pixel performance from visible to Near IR

  • Suitable for day & night (24 hours) surveillance of a parking lot and highway

  • f20mm or longer focal length can be used for 1/1.8″ camera

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