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World Star Technologies offers thermo electrically cooled blue laser modules in 405nm, 440nm, 473nm and 488nm wavelengths. The Blue Laser Modules are fully self-contained with integrated temperature controller (TEC), laser driver circuit, surface polished glass asherical lens optics and a laser diode in a compact package. Precise temperature control with the TEC results in excellent power and wavelength stability, low noise and long lifetime. Other unique properties include fine adjustable focus, clean beam, and low divergence. These blue lasers have applications in the field of bio-sciences for excitation of a wide range of fluorescence probes. These lasers are also used in imaging, light scattering and other bio-instrumentation processes.

All blue laser modules are available with additional optics to circularize the beam. The lasers can also be pigtailed to a fiber and modulation options are also available. All The TEC lasers includes a wall mount adaptor for plug and play operation.
Please contact us for customization options.

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