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Premium Spectral Light Meter

The Spectis 1.0 Touch handheld light meter offers unmatched performance and flexibility. With an interchangeable detector, the system can be used for wide range of applications and measurement geometries. Use in the field, the lab or both!

This intuitively-operated instrument is ideal for lamp and luminaire manufacturers, installers and lighting auditors who want to control and improve the quality of LED lighting products. From incoming component testing, through the research and development up to the final product testing and verification.

Results You Can Trust

Measure any light source and get the results you need. Evaluate products meet spec before you buy, develop products faster, or ensure your products are manufactured properly. The Spectis 1.0 Touch can do it all.

Get the Latest Metrics

Keep up on the latest industry requirements and metrics with our lifetime upgrades. From standard quantities like spectrum, lux and CCT to new requirements like TM-30, PAR/PPFD and EML.

Scalable, All In One Instrument

The Spectis 1.0 Touch spectral meter is unlike any other handheld on the market. With a range of interchangeable accessories the Spectis can grow with your business from standard illuminance (lux / fc) measurement to luminous flux (lumen), and luminance measurement.


Spectis 1.0 Touch Usage

Reliable and Flexible

The GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch was designed based on the experience gained from our original non-touch screen model, the Spectis 1.0. Our goal was to create a spectral LED light meter for customers who wanted to have a simple solution without any sacrifice in optical performance and dependability.
This battery-operated standalone device is ideal for different light measurement applications – from the laboratory to field testing. Through extensive engineering in the design and calibration procedures, this device provides the highest accuracy of any handheld spectral light measurement device. We understand that light measurement is not an easy task, but thanks to the Spectis 1.0 Touch, you no longer need to be an expert to make professional LED lamps evaluation.

Light Quality Under Control

This light measurement instrument is designed for those who value quality and high technology solutions. It includes many technical features and superior components offering a unique combination of laboratory accuracy and ease-of-use. It is a must have for any lighting professional looking to build its competitive advantage by improving the quality of LED lamps, modules and luminaires.

What would you like to measure?

The standard light spectrometer covers the visual range measurements of LED, OLED, CFL, discharge lamps and other light sources.
Need to measure outside the visual range? Check our VIS NIR model. Use any of our additional accessories and software options for advanced applications.

Highest Quality Sensors and Components



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