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Picoquant Pulsed Lasers and LEDs

PicoQuant's compact and reliable turn-key diode laser solutions work in picosecond pulsed, modulated, or fast-switched (nsec to µsec) operation mode. The laser systems typically consist of a common driver unit and exchangeable heads. Specialized lasers are also available as stand-alone units. Use our laser product finder to find the suited laser for your application.


The picosecond pulsed sources are either laser diode based or LED based devices that can be operated at variable, user-adjustable repetition rates up to 100 MHz. They cover discrete wavelengths from 255 nm to 1990 nm. Power levels vary between µW and hundreds of mW for the most powerful, fibre amplified versions. Pulse widths can be as short as 40 ps.


The picosecond pulsed diode laser drivers are designed as universal units that can control the dedicated laser or LED heads offered by PicoQuant. All drivers permit to control repetition rate and pulse energy of the attached heads. The drivers are available as single channel or multichannel units with manual or computer control. Their high quality and reliability are expressed by a unique 5-year limited warranty.


The VisUV/VisIR lasers are a versatile and flexible laser platform based on a Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier (MOFA) concept with optional frequency conversion. The stand-alone units emit picosecond pulses at repetition rates up to 80 MHz. Infrared versions with average powers up to 1.5W (VisIR) as well as units that emit in the ultraviolett at 266, 280 or 295 nm (VisUV) are available.


PicoQuant offers OEM laser solutions using the well-established technologies of its picosecond pulsed as well as square-shaped or pulse shaping lasers. Based on these technologies, PicoQuant can provide high-quality modules with custom designs and small footprints to meet the customer’s needs for large scale manufacturing or system integration.


All lasers from PicoQuant can be coupled into optical fibers, either individually or as a combination of up to five laser lines into a single fiber. Several types of delivery fibers are available, including single mode, polarization maintaining single mode and multimode ones. These fibers can be further equipped with various output connectors, collimation or even microfocus optics to best suit your application. In combination with the PDL 828 "Sepia II" driver, the Laser Combining Unit (LCU) offers an unmatched flexibility for multicolor excitation patterns.


Dedicated optical and electrical pulse generators capable of delivering nanosecond pulses for laser wavelengths ranging from 375 to 1550 nm as well as with programmable pulse shapes.

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