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With high-density connectors, multiple cable configurations and integrated specialty components, Molex MTP/MPO Data Center Solutions support the integration of high-performance networks while reducing the number of cables required and, thus, reducing overall system cost and maintenance


Delivering high-density routing solutions, FlexiBend MPO/MTP Flexible-Boot Cable Assemblies alleviate cable congestion issues with boots designed to allow cable exit in varying positions, from 0 to 90°


Simplify complex fiber mapping issues while greatly reducing cabling footprints with Molex’s fully tested, field-deployable high-density optical management system – OptoConnect Optical Enclosures


Available in 192-port, 144-port and light guide cross-connect (LGX) densities, Molex OptoConnect Rack-Mount Fiber Enclosures and Cassettes are designed to meet high-density fiber and cable management needs for data center, storage area network (SAN), local area network (LAN) and central office/headend applications


High-performance Cable Assemblies and Adapters for Mid-Board Optical Modules (MBOMs) deliver inside-the-box optic compatibility with transceivers from a wide range of vendors


LumaLink Optical Trace Cable Assemblies with high-density MPO connectors feature full illumination of the entire cable to facilitate advanced cable management by providing 100% visual identification of start and endpoints, slack storage locations and routing


Delivering reduced ferrule pitch and a nearly 50% higher density than LC connectors, the Molex CS Connectors, Adapters and Cable Assemblies support next-generation 200/400 Gbps QSFP-DD and OSFP transceivers with optimized performance

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