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Nipro -Diamond Turned Optics

nipro 1-a.png

Diamond Turning Center

NIPRO 1-b.jpg

12” Aluminum Mirror

NIPRO 1-c.jpg

13” Free Form Mirror

nipro 1-d.jpg

5 Axis Fly Cutting

nipro 1-e.jpg

10″ OAP with 600mm Swing

nipro 1-f.jpg

Fresnel Inserts & Lens

nipro 1-g.jpg

OAPSs with SIlver and Gold

nipro 1-h.jpg

Ophthalmic Inserts

nipro 1-I.jpg

Custom Mirrors for All Needs

nipro 1-j.jpg

AL mirrors with 2.5nm Finish

nipro 1-k.jpg

Fly Cutting Grooves

nipro 1-L.jpg

Mirror with Plated Gold

nipro 1-M.jpg

Precision Acrylic Component

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