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Spatial Light Modulators

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Polarization Components

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Custom Capabilities


Welcome to Meadowlark Optics

Celebrating 40 years of Photonics innovation! More than a quarter century ago, Tom Baur, researcher for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, needed a solution that resulted in manufacturing his own custom Pockels cells. With that flagship product, word spread and Meadowlark Optics quickly became a place to turn to for custom polarization optics.

Today Meadowlark Optics designs, develops and manufactures an extensive range of high-quality polarization systems and components including liquid crystal devices from UV to MWIR. Standard products include shutters, rotators, waveplates/retarders, spatial light modulators, tunable optical filters, tri-color filters, polarizers, polarimeters and more. We also provide custom solutions and a complete line of fabrication services.

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