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More products from ISTEQ:


TEUS - LPP EUV light source with high brightness and low debris

LPP EUV source is based on fast rotating liquid metal target. A novel LPP target with conventional debris mitigation techniques has resulted in an ultimate solution for a clean photon EUV source.


XWS-65 - laser pumped plasma ultrabright broadband light source

- Extra wide spectral range
- Ultra high brightness
- High stability
- Long lifetime

In XWS sources, plasma emits light due to the interaction between a continuous energy input from a laser and the gas medium used (optical discharge). These light sources have been developed as a replacement for traditional gas discharge lamps (Xenon, Deuterium, Tungsten, etc.) and LEDs. Compared to these, XWS sources have a wider spectral range and higher spectral brightness.

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