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CD Aero high voltage capacitors are constructed with metallized polypropylene film and are available in round or oval aluminum cases with four-blade quick disconnect terminal as standard. Special terminals and steel cases are available on request. 


  • High voltage up to 1,200 VAC (2,000 VDC)

  • UL and cUL file number E51176

  • Designed for >60,000 hours operational life

  • Oil-filled with an environmentally “green” fluid

  • Pressure interrupter meets UL810 requirements 


  • Capacitance Range: 0.25 μF to 80 μF*

  • Capacitance Tolerance: }3% to }10%

  • AC Voltage Range: 660 VAC to 1,200 VAC*

  • DC Voltage Range: 1,200 VDC to 2,000 VDC

  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +90°C

  • Dissipation Factor: 0.1% max @ 60 Hz and 25°C

  • Insulation Resistance (IR): >1,000 MΩ x μF

  • Withstand Voltage: Terminal to terminal 1.75 x WVAC

  • Terminal to case 2.0 WVAC + 1 kVAC

  • Capacitance Stability: }3% throughout life

  • Insulated Bushings: High cup standard over 1,000 VAC (1,750 VDC)

  • Approval Recognition: UL, cUL, File# E51176 *Inquire about special ratings 

    Applications include: switching power supply, inverters and converters, heavy duty motor run, high current lighting, UPD systems 

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