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The patented NED-LMD delivers high spatial resolution display quality measurement for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Head Up Displays. Featuring a Wide Field of View and spectroradiometric, image quality and autocollimating alignment analysis, the instrument is uniquely suited for characterization of the Virtual Image and Qualified Viewing Space of near-eye displays. The system is optimized for both true eye rotation pupil motion and fixed pupil rotation measurements and conforms to standards being developed by the ICDM committee of SID and the IEC. 


  • AR/VR/MR/HUD characterization

  • Automotive HUD testing

  • Avionics display evaluation

  • Helmet mounted display test

  • Medical and healthcare AR/VR device evaluation

  • Near eye industrial, educational, training display qualification

Unique Features:

  • Small entrance pupil

  • Mimics true human eye motion

  • Eye and pupil rotation

  • Motorized autofocus (between +/- 0.1m to infinity)

  • Precision angular alignment

  • True color measurements with foveal spot correlation

  • Exceptional luminance and color spectral purity

  • high sensitivity for low light measurements

  • Comprehensive and flexible software

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