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NED-LMD Near-Eye Display Measurement System


The patented NED-LMD delivers high spatial resolution display quality measurements for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Head Up Displays (AR, VR, MR and HUD). Featuring a Wide Field of View and spectroradiometric, image quality and autocollimating alignment analysis, the instrument is uniquely suited for characterization of the Virtual Image and Qualified Viewing Space of near-eye displays. The system is optimized for both true eye rotation pupil motion and fixed pupil rotation measurements and conforms to standards being developed by the ICDM committee of SID and the IEC.

Near-eye display test & characterization for:

  • Gaming and entertainment devices

  • Medical VR, AR and MR systems

  • Avionics displays

  • Near-eye industrial, educational & training displays

  • Automotive Head Up Displays


High Spatial Resolution, Color & Contrast Measurement

  • Compact size to allow positioning of entrance pupil at the design eye point

  • Small 1 to 5 mm entrance pupil diameter for accurate luminance and color measurement and eye motion box mapping

  • High sensitivity / high dynamic range spectrometer with signal to noise for small and large areas

  • Exceptional color measurement spectral purity

  • Ability to cover over 160 degree FOV with high resolution measurements in the Virtual Image space

  • Precision angular alignment to the device under test

  • Precision mechanical positioning to the design eye point

Related Products:

RadOMA GS-1290 spectroradiometers provide a datapoint interval of 0.6 nm and are available in three wavelength ranges:

  • 200 to 800 nm

  • 360 to 1100

  • 200 to 1100 nm

  • 360 to 950 nm


For the ultimate in resolution and accuracy,  the SpectralLED® Tunable uniform light source incorporates 35 discrete wavelengths for synthesis of commercially available light sources or based on spectra that you import.

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