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Enhanced silver mirrors are designed for applications with femtosecond lasers. These mirrors feature high reflectivity R>98.5% in the wavelength range from 600 nm to 1100 nm and R>99% @ 700-900 nm. Mirrors are relatively insensitive to angle of incidence and can be used in applications with AOI ranging from 0° to 45°. Laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) was measured for femtosecond pulses - 0.25 J/cm2 at 800nm, 100 Hz, 100 fs.

Mirrors feature low group delay dispersion (GDD) <|5 fs2| in broadband region.

We offer round, square, flat or spherical standard mirrors with radii ranging from -50 mm to -10000 mm or from +50 mm to +5000 mm. Standard substrates are from N-BK7 glass or UV fused silica with sizes ranging from ø12.7 mm (0.5") to ø101.6 mm (4").

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