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Ancillary Products:

In addition to optical filters, Dontech provides integration services of its products with other related components. Dontech will attach gaskets and mounting adhesives to its optical filters. Dontech will install its optical filters in mounting frames and bezels as a service to customers. Dontech can incorporate touch panels and graphic overlays into optical filters and optically bond or perimeter bond the optical filter to the front surface of an electronic display. Dontech can also passively and actively enhance the backlighting systems of LCDs. Dontech has Class 1,000 through Class 100,000 clean rooms with Class 1,000 through 10,000 work centers for the integration of optical components and ancillary products into electronic display and bezel assemblies. Products that are not manufactured by Dontech (e.g., LCDs, frames and bezels), can be drop shipped to or procured by Dontech. Dontech can manufacture optical filters and assemblies to customer-supplied drawings, or design the optical filters, display components and assemblies to custom mechanical, electrical, environmental and optical performance criteria. Please complete Dontech’s Design Overview & Standard Design Sheets in order to obtain additional optical filter costing and performance information.​

Related Information:

For additional information on ancillary products and services, please contact a Dontech applications engineer.

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