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Q2HE - high energy air-cooled Q-switched laser

  • Up to 120 mJ pulse energy, up to 4 W average output power.

  • 1053 or 1064 nm output wavelength.

  • Air cooled (water-free).

  • Up to 100 Hz pulse repetition rate.

  • Smoothly variable pulse repetition rate for 1053 nm output wavelength models.

  • >2 Gshot lifetime of pump diodes.

  • Built-in sync pulse generator for triggering of user equipment.

  • Remote monitoring and control via built-in Ethernet interface.

  • Optional attachable 2nd harmonic generator.

  • Optional 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th stand-alone harmonic generator.

  • Optional attachable attenuator for fundamental wavelength.

  • Optional attachable pulse energy monitor.

  • Optional stand-alone injection seeder for SLM operation.

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