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XWS-65 laser pumped plasma ultrabright broadband light source

ISTEQ’s XWS-65 light source product has been specially developed to be used for a variety of applications, including spectroscopy, high resolution microscopy, thin - film measurement, surface metrology and others. This source is based on cutting edge technology, covered by EU and US patents.

Application fields:

• Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy

• Diagnostics systems in microelectronics - contaminationanddefectcontrol

• Surface metrology, ellipsometry and scatterometry

• Microscopy, including confocal and fluorescence

• Optical component testing

• Detectors in chromatography, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, droplet spectrometers, cytofluorimeters, etc

Main advantages:

• CW laser plasmadischarge

• Broad spectral range: 190 – 2500 nm

• Highspectralbrightness:upto50 mW/(mm2·sr·nm)

• High temporal and spatial stability: STD<0.15%

• Longlifetimeduetoelectrodeless operation: 10,000 hours

• The small dimensions of the emitting volume considerably expandtherangeof XWS applications

• External source control/parameters monitoringviabuilt-insoftware

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