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World Star Tech offers its first direct green laser diodes by Osram. Direct green diode lasers represent a milestone in the development of miniature projectors for mobile devices such as smart phones and cameras. Projection units for laser shows, point lasers and line lasers will also benefit from the new direct green laser diode technology.

The PL series green laser diodes are mounted in a tiny 3.8mm package. The wavelength of the new PL 520 green laser diode of 515-530 nm produces precisely the right green color for projection applications. Green Laser Diodes are available at max optical output power 80 mW and the efficiency is typically 5-6 % at present.
The PLT series green laser diodes are mounted in a 5.6 mm package and have built in photodiodes. They are available in 10nm, 30nm and 50mW output powers.

World Star Tech maintains large inventory of all Osram green laser diodes and blue laser diodes.
Green Laser Diode wavelength selection is optional. 515nm +/-1 nm, 517nm +/-1 nm, 519nm +/-1 nm, 521nm +/-2 nm and 523nm +/-2 nm green laser diode are available.
Please contact us for a quote or application support.

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