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Dontech’s optical coatings are applied to glass, plastic and crystalline substrates to improve durability and to reduce specular or diffuse surface reflections. Coatings include hard coatings, hydrophilic (antifog), diffusion antireflection hard coatings (antiglare), thin film coatings (vacuum-deposited-specular antireflective coatings or VAR, dichroic and transparent conductive), and hydrophobic (e.g., EZKlean™ brand antifingerprint & antismudge coatings). Not all coatings are compatible nor utilized with all substrates. These coatings can be used separately or in conjunction with one another. For example, hard coatings are used in conjunction with vacuum deposited coatings on acrylic and polycarbonate substrates to improve the durability of the vacuum deposited coating.

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