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Fiber Optic Bundles/ Light Guides

More than 90% of our light guides are custom-made.
Fiber optic light guides are flexible bundles of optical fibers used for the controlled delivery of light. Custom fiber optic light guides are available upon request.

Flexible Fiber Optic Bundles
Gooseneck Fiber Optic Bundles
Multi Branch Fiber Optic Bundles
Fiber Optic Line Lights
Fiber Optic Ring Light Guides
Fiber Optic Backlights

End-fused process enables improvement of light intensity and heat resistance
In a standard design, fibers are glued with adhesives to fill the spaces between the fibers to give them solid cohesion. These glued fibers can withstand high temperature up to 350℃. For extreme high temperature applications, we manufacture heat-fused light guides. Fused light guides' fiber ends are fused together with no glue but with heat and pressure. This end ternination process gives the fused light guides higher light intensity and resistance to high temperature much more than 350℃.

Advantages of fused light guides are:
- Extreme high temperature resistance much more than 350℃, whereas the glued ones temperature resistance is up to 350℃.
- Light intensity increase of up to 25% compared to glued fiber ends due to a higher packing density.

Suitable for applications with high power light sources and extreme high temperature.

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