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Lightwaves2020's Single Channel Miniature Optical Power Monitor (MOPM) consists of a micro-tap and a PIN photodiode in a single, compact coaxial package. With dimensions of only ø3.5 x 18mm, the MOPM dramatically reduces the footprint requirement and saves board space


  • Compact coaxial package

  • Small responsivity ripple

  • Excellent responsivity linearity

  • Low insertion loss

  • Low polarization dependent loss

  • Low wavelength dependent loss

  • Low polarization dependent

  • Minimizes fiber splicing

  • Saves board space

  • Simplifies logistic management

  • Cost effective


  • EDFA

  • Raman amplifier

  • DWDM mux/demux

  • OADM

  • Protection switch

  • Other monitoring applications

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