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Vacuum Compatible Motion Control


Here at Standa we have a rich experience in working with vacuum systems, designing and manufacturing vacuum-compatible devices, from motorized stages to simple manual optical mounts. In this section you will find some examples of our vacuum compatible products. 

Furthermore, if you do not find an item that fits your technical requirements exactly, you are welcome to send us your required specification so we can make adjustments to our standard units or design an entirely new piece of hardware to suit your needs.

All of our vacuum-compatible equipment is designed for 10-6 Torr vacuum. Products with vacuum compatible stepper motors require voltage 24V-36V. Recommended power supplies are PS24-2.5-4 (24V, 2.5A) and PS36-4.4-4 (36V, 4.15A).


1. Vacuum compatible stages

Majority of our motorized stages are available for vacuum.

2. Integrated vacuum compatible cable (attached to the motor)
Insulation material: Kapton or TPFE. Standard length: 2 meters. By default, the cable is terminated with a temporary “test” connector which is not vacuum compatible.

3. Vacuum compatible connectors are supplied on request. We can offer various types of vacuum compatible connectors depending on type of your vacuum feedthrough and other requirements. We have in stock 9 and 15 pin female and male Sub-D type connectors (vacuum compatible up to 10-6 mbar, body material: DEP, pin material: gold plated copper alloy, temperature range: -55°C to 110°C). Please take a look at the bottom of this page for ordering information.

4. Vacuum feedthroughs are offered on request. CF flange is standard, other types are available on request (KF, ISO, others). We have in stock 9 pin Sub-D (male) feedthrough on 40CF flange. See bottom of this page for ordering information.Custom solutions possible, see examples below.

1385981536 (1).jpg

ISO400 with threaded holes and 9 feedthroughs

3x 50 Pin connectors and 40CF flange on a 160CF flange

40CF flange with 9-pin Sub-D and SMA floating shield

14 x 15-pin Sub-D on 160CF flange

5. Standard cables and connectors (not vacuum compatible) are used for air side connection to motor controllers or other equipment. Various connector types available on request.

6. Motor controller. You can look over our range of available motor controllers here.

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