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The Hyperchromator - «Mountain Instruments» monochromator designed by for ISTEQ’s laserpumped plasma light source XWS-30, is a development of Mountain Instruments. The Hyperchromator optimally uses the advantages of the pointed plasma light source by using a mirror with an aperture up to f/1.5 to collect the light and ensure maximum light throughput without a limiting entrance slit. It is optimized for applications that require a fast and tunable point light source.

Special features:

• Different configurations available

• Fast optics, up to f/1.5 for highest throughput

• Homogenous output distribution due to a proprietary design

• Etendue-matched to ISTEQXWS-30

• Broad tunable range from DUV to NIR

• No input slit

• Built-In Shutter

• Easy to use Software, WindowsGUI

• LabView integration upon request

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