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Eksma presenting the new Timing Generator TG10 dedicated to the synchronization of laser systems and laser components: Pockels cell drivers, acousto-optical modulator drivers, laser diode and flash lamp drivers, detectors, data acquisition systems, laser pulse pickers, etc. The TG10 is designed to create up to 8 delayed output sequences precisely synchronized to the internal or external clock. A photodetector or electrical signal can be used as the input source to be synchronized with


  • Passive or active mode locked, Q-switched lasers, pulsed or QCW

  • Data Acquisition system Triggering

  • General purpose pulse generator

  • Precise system clock source

  • Laser pulse train converting to the clean clock source

  • All functions listed above simultaneously at once! 


  • Ultra-stable internal clock 0.2 ppm 

  • Precise delay control in range 2 ns to 150 ns 

  • 25 ps timing resolution

  • Hi-accuracy synchronization to the external pulse train

  • DAC output

  • Frequency divider

  • Frequency divider for photodetectors

  • Measurement of :

    1. Optical clock frequency

    2. Triggering frequency

    3. Delay

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