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ISTEQ Metrology Eqipment

ISTEQ has developed and manufactures a wide range of scientific equipment (detectors and spectrometers) for recording and characterization of X-rays and short-wave ultraviolet  radiation.

Our products provide an absolutely calibrated and spatially/temporally resolved characterization of plasma, including a femtosecond laser plasma, high-power Z-pinch plasma and DPP/LPP EUV plasma.

We provide a complete program of gated MCP (micro channel plate) detectors for visualization of X-ray and VUV radiation.

Amplitude grating spectrometer for quantitative measurements ranging from 6 up to 200 nm.

A new type of grazing-incidence VUV spectrometer with extended spectral range (up to 80nm), provided by a specially designed grating.

Powerful and flexible spectrometer, specially developed for EUV plasma characterization in a spectral range up to 40nm.

Grazing incidence spectrometer built in the Rowland circle configuration. This instrument allows the user to obtain a high quality time resolved spectra between 3 and 36nm.

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