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Pockels Cells feature fast and precise control of the laser beam polarization direction as a function of applied voltage. High effective transmission, fast rise/fall time of the high voltage pulse, and high contrast ratio make Pockels cells the primary choice for pulse picking from the laser pulse trains emitted by high-power ultrafast lasers.

EKSMA Optics introduces special design BBO and DKDP (KD*P) Pockels cells for advanced control of high power laser beam polarization.

Quadruple BBO Pockels cell employs four electro-optical crystals with independent high voltage electrodes at two sides. This Pockels cell can be controlled by two HV drivers enabling advanced control of the parameters of laser pulses.




  • Bypass resonance frequencies by alternating operation of two sides of quadruple Pockels cell

  • Enables sophisticated laser pulse polarization and amplitude control employing two high voltage drivers.

  • Shorter HV pulse rise/fall time due to lower operating voltage

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