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Precision Molded Aspheres

Unlike the usual spherical lenses, aspheric lenses can correct problems such as image distortion and focal point misalignment with one or less lenses.​


Microlens Arrays with Reflective Mirror

The high precision molded microlens array which keeps surface quality, lens pitch and tilt is integrated with a reflective mirror. This product is applicable to connect fiber array to PD array.
Sumita's microlens arrays with reflective mirror enable you to reduce the number of parts and assembly processes.


Aspherical Cylindrical Lens Arrays

Micro-structured, high precision cylindrical lenses are molded with die


Aspherical Microlens Arrays

SUMITA’s microlens arrays includes aspheric lenses manufactured by precision molding.


Aspherical Cylindrical Lenses

SUMITA has successfully manufactured aspheric cylindrical lenses with its precision molding technology, which had been difficult to produce by conventional grinding method. Precision glass molding manufacturing allows an economic mass- and uniform production.


Fly’s Eye Lenses

Ideal for uniform illumination of lasers and high-power LED light source


Micro GRIN Rod Lenses

Micro GRIN (Gradient-index) lenses with diameter of 0.15 - 0.8 mm.


Ultra Micro Lenses

Molded aspheric glass lenses with 0.35 and over in diameter

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