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Micro LED Start Kit

LEDs are the industry-standard for backlighting liquid crystal displays (LCDs). LEDs achieved their dominant position because they have a proven high luminous efficiency, low cost, and long lifetime.

Technological progress has pushed LEDs to the point where they are small enough to be used as self-emissive display pixel. These tiny LEDs are known as Micro LEDs or μLEDs. Micro LEDs deliver higher contrast ratios, more brightness, and faster response times than LED-backlit LCDs and Organic LEDs (OLEDs).

The key technologies required for Micro LEDs are the LED chip process, LED transfer process, LED epitaxy, silicon backplane, and driver circuitry.

Introducing Micro LED Start Kit

To get started with Micro LED product development easier, we offer a complete kit for customers with light emitting diodes and hybridization capability. The kit includes a silicon backplane, ASIC-based driver board, software, and all the necessary accessories.


Our Micro LED customers leverage their LED epitaxy and LED chip process technology and use our Micro LED kit to build a complete product. The transfer and bonding of the Micro LEDs can be completed via the customer’s internal capabilities or JDC’s established ecosystems.

JDC can support customers up to light up successfully and beyond. Our customers have already used their development model to demonstrate 0.55” and 0.7” Micro LED displays. JDC’s silicon backplanes can support a wide-variety of applications, ranging from low-power, high resolution displays to high-power lighting. For further information on the Micro LED Start Kit, please contact JDC.

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