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Fast Spectral Imaging Camera

Speed 40M hits/s

Size 65K pixels




 TPX3 is the world’s first radiation imaging detector that operates in a list mode. This means every single hit of radiation is recorded into a continuous stream of data. The device measures position...

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Miniaturized Spectral Imaging Camera



Speed 2.35M hits/s or 16 fps

Size 65K pixels



MiniPIX TPX3 camera is miniaturized and low power radiation camera with the state of art Timepix3 chip. The Timepix3 is the CERN's latest pixel detector chip that records position, energy and time for every...

WidePIX 2(1)X5 - MPX3

Industrial Spectral Imaging Camera

Speed 20 (50) fps

Size 655 (328) Kpixels




 2(1)x5 - MPX3 camera consists of either 2x5 or 1x5 Medipix3 devices. Each pixel has two integrated 12-bit digital counters and two energy discrimination thresholds. Both counters can be joined to a...

WidePIX 10X10



Custom Large Area Imaging Camera

Speed 10 fps

Size 6.5M pixels


 10X10 is world largest photon counting imaging camera with 6.5 Mpixels. It consists of 10x10 Timepix devices. Each Timepix tile is consists of an edgeless silicon sensor. The edgeless sensor technol...


Advacam's imaging cameras are direct conversion single photon counting pixel detectors that represent the cutting edge of current radiation imaging technology. The term “single photon counting” means that every single photon of X-ray radiation detected in individual pixel is processed and counted. The technology brings two major advantages in comparison to the conventional X-ray imaging - high contrast together with sharp high resolution images and spectral information of the radiation that allows material specific information to be displayed in colors.


Non - Destructive 


Small animal Spectral Imaging

Mining and geology 

Authentication Of Art

X - ray Diffraction

Other Applications

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Commercial Off-the-Shelf Space Product

The Miniaturized Particle Telescope is much more compact than systems previously used. It can be held in your hand, and uses two USB connections to a laptop for all of its power and data acquisition and synchronization.


MiniPIX is About as Fun as a Product Can Get

MiniPIX is teeny and deceptively simple to use, but if you’re in space, you’ve just survived a nuclear apocalypse, or you’re a physics fan interested in how much radiation hits you on a daily basis, it’s about as fun as a product can get.


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MiniPIX is About as Fun as a Product Can Get

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