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8MTL220 - Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage

  • Direct drive zero backlash system

  • ±0.5 µm bidirectional repeatability

  •  High resolution non-contact optical 

       incremental encoder

  • High accuracy linear guide and carriage 

       system with caged balls

  • Long life performance guaranteed

  • XY configuration has ≤5 arcsec orthogonality

  • Can be applied to industry applications like: laser cutting, scribing, drilling, marking

  • Linear stage is protected from dust and spray

  • All measurement reports are included by default

Direct Drive Linear Translation Stage of series 8MTL220 are based on 3 phase ironless linear brushless servo motor technology. Direct drive technology allow user to reach zero backlash motion with high accuracy, repeatability and low friction.

Linear non-contact optical encoder as a feedback system guarantees direct control of position with sub-nanometer resolution of motion.

Naturally aged aluminum alloy guaranties high temperature stability, softness of 8MTL220 instruments and excellent long period kinematics without drift of guide system. Small Special guiding system with caged recirculating ball ensure long last precision of stage.

Translation stages of series 8MTL220 can be prepared for clean rooms and vacuum up to 10-3 Torr with small changes. For higher vacuum please contact Standa support. Additional requirement of cleanliness could be requested separately.

Motorized translation stage can be easily connected to standard imperial/metric optical table directly. XY scanning stages can be directly assembled without using any connecting plates. For extreme orthogonality please contact Standa separately.

Motion control of 8MTL220 series translation stages is available with Standa or ACS motion Controllers & Drivers in exposed or housed configurations.

For industry applications 8MTL220 stages can be supplied mounted on standard optical table or extremely flat granite plate fully sealed from spray and dust to ensure performance of kinematic pairs.


1) With x4 evaluation; system can be delivered with standard analog SIN/COS encoder interface for personal interpolation. 

2) Absolute Accuracy & Bi-Directional Repeatability measurements are processed with Zygo ZMI 501 Michelson laser interferometer. 

3) Pitch & Yaw measurements are processed with 11D-ALI-COL electronic autocollimator. Resolution of 11D-ALI-COL: 1 µrad. Environment error: 1 µrad. 

4) Maximum Velocity is electrically limited by encoder and driver CUT-OF frequency; maximum velocity is also limited by guiding system. 

5) Maximum Acceleration is limited by Drivers` Peak Current, Motors` Peak Current and External Load (inertia). Please contact Standa for support. 

6) Load Capacity is limited by position of load and integrated guiding system. Please contact Standa support for loading calculation. 

7) Moving Mass is constant parameter of system which characterize m0 or inertia of unloaded system. 

8) Recommended controllers & Recommended drivers can be optimized for a certain application. Please contact Standa support for recommendation. 

9) Recommended power supply depends on required duty cycle and load. Please contact Standa support for recommendation. 

10) Differential Outputs are available in passive (buffered) or active (modulated) way with LCMv2. 

11) Stages can be assembled with better orthogonality by request. 

12) Scalar Control can be implemented with USB / TCP-IP / RS-232 communication iterface; for vector control we recommend to use EtherCAT.

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