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8MT160-300 - Motorized Delay Line

300 mm travel range

Steel rail design. Stability and rigidity ensured

2.5 µm nominal resolution

Recirculating ball modules are incorporated in the platform

Stepper motor with 200 steps per revolution

Vacuum version available

Motorized Delay Line 8MT160-300 provides precision path delays of up to 300 mm. Driven by a stepper motor with integrated limit switches, the motorized delay line offers a high-resolution delay of 2.5 µm. The main feature of this delay line are its high-stability, compact and monolithic design as  well as high resolution which makes the device ideal for integration in high precision measurement systems. Such delay line is in great demand in laboratories for precision optical path length control or other experiments (spectrum analysis, interferometry, etc.). Motorized delay line can be controlled manually by means of dial knob with increments located on the end of the stage. This device also could be considered as a long travel (300 mm) motorized translation stage. Resolution could be improved by means of steps division in motor using our up-to-date stepper motor controllers.


Short videos with 8MT160-300 series linear stages in motion:

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