Representing Leading Edge
Electro Optics And Imaging
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Ben Moshe represents leading edge electro optics and imaging manufacturers in Israel.

Its office is located in the heart of Israel’s business center.

Its technical and commercial team provides state of the art support in its specialty fields.

Standard services

  • Technical assistance to (potential) customers.

  •  Aggressive marketing using our exclusive database of Israeli high tech companies and contacts

  • Custom release, banking and transport assistance

  • Follow up on orders and payment

  • Service of sophisticated equipment

  •  Annual forecasts

  •  Reporting of economic developments of key customers




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +972 3 6700007 or fill out the following form:

Head Office

64 Arlozorov St. Ramat-Gan 5249350

P.O.B 18125 | Tel-Aviv 61181 | Israel

Tel: +972 3 6700007


Fax: +972 3 6727319



Customer support
  • Technical assistance to (potential) customers

  • Custom release,banking and transport assistance

  • Service of sophisticated equipment

  •  Follow up on orders and payment


Aggressive marketing using our exclusive database of Israeli high tech companies and contacts

Information providing services
  •  Annual forecasts

  • Reporting of economic developments of key customers



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Ben Moshe have a depth knowledge of the Israeli high-tech industries, and strong ties with all key developers in the electro-optics and imaging branch.

Our clients includes OEM manufacturers in the following fields:

  • Semi conductor inspection, Wafer inspection, PC-B inspection, FPD inspection, Reticle inspection, CD-SEM, Thickness, Measurement, Thermal monitoring, Optical communication, WDM Network providers, Wireless data links, All optical switches, EDFA, Specialty optical parts.

  • Medical X-ray CT, Gamma Camera, Photo-dynamic therapy, Laser treatment, wireless endoscopy, HPLC, Dental computerized radiography, CO2 monitoring, mammography, Dental Lasers, 3D dental mapping, Dentist simulator.

  • Industrial Electronic printing devices, Laser soldering, Pyrometer, Automatic optical inspection, Semiconductor manufacture, Diamond processing, Diamond color analysis

electro-optics, Solid state lasers manufacture, Optical power meters, Beam profiler, IR-camera, Semiconductor lasers, Lens inspection systems, Optics manufacture.

Various X-ray spectroscopic analysis, Defense industry, Optical thermometer, Agricultural sorting machine, Non destructive x-ray inspection, Range finders, 3d mapping, Laser marking, X-ray diagnostic systems, LCD projector, Endo-scope, Crude oil inspection, Fire detection, Passive Ir. Alarm, Traffic control system, Laser induced fluorescence, Raman spectroscopy.

In addition to that, we serve the entire academic market.



Product line

  • Solar simulators

  • Steady State Solar Simulators

  • Flash Solar Simulators

  • Complete Testing Solutions

  • IV Testing Equipment

  • Filters for Solar Simulation

  • Accessories for Solar Simulators

  • Detectors

UV-Visible: Photomultiplier tubes, Photodiodes, Avalanche photodiodes, Phototubes, Micro channel plates, Photon counting detectors
Steady State Solar Simulator

Infrared: InGaAs standard, InGaAs IR-enhanced (up to 2.6 m m), InSb, Ge, MCT, Pyroelectric, PbS, PbSe, InAs, Two-color detector, Photon drag detector.
Linear arrays: C-MOS, N-MOS, Photodiode, InGaAs, CCD,2-dimensional: CCD, C-mos.

Position: Position sensitive detector, Si & InGaAs quadrants.

Light sources

UV: Hg, Hg(Xe), Deuterium, Xe, Metal halide, Xe flash, Nanosecond, UV enhanced-Halogen, fluorescent.

VIS: Xe, Metal halide, Miniature Metal Halide, Halogen, Miniature halogen, Xe flash, LED, Nanosecond, Hg, Hg(Xe), Fluorescent, Calibration, Hollow cathode, Uniform.

IR: Halogen, IR-source, Metal halide IR-source.


Solid state: Laser diodes, Laser diode modules, Picosecond lasers, Femtosecond lasers, Diode pumped, Ti: Sapphire, Nd:YAG, Nd:Glass, Er:YAG, Dye, Tunable, VCSEL..

Gas: Nitrogen, Miniature nitrogen, HeNe, CO2, CO, Argon air-cooled, Excimer miniature.



General: Lenses, Prisms, Windows, Plastic Optics, Polarizing optics, Beam splitters, Holographic diffusers, Diffuse reflectors, Laser dyes, Retarders.

Substrates: Fused silica, Sapphire, Germanium, Hardened glass, Luminescent, Silicon, BK7, ZnS, ZnSe, Quartz. GaAs, KRS-5, KRS-6

Crystals: Laser, Tunable laser, Non linear, Acousto optic, Bifrigent, others

Filters: Interference (NBP, LP, SP, WBP), color glass, Holographic notch, Dielectric, UV-VIS-IR, High power (optical).

Coatings: Antireflection, High reflection, on plastic, UV-VIS-IR.

Beam delivery: Fiber optics, Coherent fiber bundles for image transfer, Fiber optic plate (tapered), Light pipe (bent), Liquid light guide (200-2000nm),

Various: Integrating spheres, Fluoroscopic screens, Phosphors, Color standards, Spatial light modulators, Liquid crystals, Ceramics, Endoscopes

Opto mechanics

Galvanometer, 1/2/3 dimensional scanning head, Mountings, Tables, Positioning, Rotating, Computerized drivers, Choppers, Electro-optic shutters.


Detecting: CCD Camera/s, ICCD, Image Intensifiers C-MOS, N-MOS, PDA

Optics: CCTV lenses, Video microscopes, Zoom lenses, Video pen, fiber-light source Lens for line scan camera, Displays, Monitors.

Processing: Frame grabbers, Processing boards, Image processing software.


Detector: Cooled CCD systems, Gated ICCD systems, Linear InGaAs systems, Photodiode array systems, Raman spectroscopy systems.

Optics: Spectrographs, Holographic volume spectrograph/grating, Notch filter, Tunable filters

Software: Spectroscopy software, Colorimeter software.

Turn key Systems: Raman spectroscopic, FTIR, Fluorescence lifetime, Laser marking, Gas sensors, Led-tester, UV-absorption, Laser simulators, Photolithography, Solar simulators.


Active: Power supplies for Lasers, Arc lamps, Capacitor charging, Laserdiodes, High voltage.

Passive: High voltage capacitors. Delay, Pulse & function generators, VME/VXI electronics

Read-out detectors: Power meters, Pulse power meters, Energy meters. Light meters.

Communication: Photodiodes, VCSELs, Plastic filters for visible reduction, LED, optical filters, Laserdiodes, Fiber optic: optic-electronic converter / testing equipment / MUX/DEMUX, Fiber optics


The list is intended to give you an impression of the product line we offer.

No complete listing is assumed.


In addition to above list of products please enter our suppliers website for more products.

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